I have written before, sometimes it seems that everyone wants to be a sales person, or at least a sales person of some sort. They say things like “I want to learn how to sell,” or “I want to learn how to be a better sales person.” Unfortunately, this desire for improving sales skills appears more brochure than sales strategy. And believe it or not, there is a big difference between a sales person (the potentially “bad” one) and a skilled sales person (the “good” one).

In his book “Secrets of Power explains, in detail, that you can become anything you want; that you can decide what that is about, and that there is no limits. If you see that your identified skill or talent is valuable, and that it has a market, then you can decide to learn how to be something else. And there is no sense in looking back, and believing that you were evil for wanting to be something else. (Nor should there be!) The point is that the good thing about your identification of a skill, and your choice to learn how to become that skill, is that you ripened it; you either improved it or you didn’t. No one can argue with your decision to improve any identify skill, you made it, and you can use that identified skill to apply to something else. …

Erin Rosenbruch

Hi there, this is Erin Rosenbruch. She arrange a golf event that can be found at ARMGOLF.COM — Andy Rosenbruch Memorial Golf Tournament.

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