Erin Rosenbruch

Dec 11, 2020

3 min read

4 Tips to Taming the Fear of Selling

I have written before, sometimes it seems that everyone wants to be a sales person, or at least a sales person of some sort. They say things like “I want to learn how to sell,” or “I want to learn how to be a better sales person.” Unfortunately, this desire for improving sales skills appears more brochure than sales strategy. And believe it or not, there is a big difference between a sales person (the potentially “bad” one) and a skilled sales person (the “good” one).

In his book “Secrets of Power explains, in detail, that you can become anything you want; that you can decide what that is about, and that there is no limits. If you see that your identified skill or talent is valuable, and that it has a market, then you can decide to learn how to be something else. And there is no sense in looking back, and believing that you were evil for wanting to be something else. (Nor should there be!) The point is that the good thing about your identification of a skill, and your choice to learn how to become that skill, is that you ripened it; you either improved it or you didn’t. No one can argue with your decision to improve any identify skill, you made it, and you can use that identified skill to apply to something else.

Given that you are interested in finding the free way to increase sales, (and I assume, it is because you want to increase sales and you already have some idea about how to do this) you need to start with HOW. What are you trying to accomplish with these new identified skills? Are you trying to become a better sales person? Are you trying to implement new sales strategies? Or are you trying to become someone else, someone who has a natural inclination towards sales? How are you trying to become the new “something else?” You can’t “multi-task” like this all the time, either; and if you use your natural talents in sales, you are never going to ( preach ) or do sales similarly to someone else.

If you are like me, and want to make the best career choice for the rest of your life, you are not interested in changing or developing anything that will not give you another outlet for you natural talents (if you like to be multilingual and smooth talk, you can apply it to thing like entering foreign markets, but I’m not sure you’ve ever thought about entering foreign markets from a language other than your own). You are convinced that you can cover a lot of ground in sales, (and if you have a collection of catalogs, a lot of monologues to back it up) then one fact is certain, you need to choose. You can’t find any more powerful lessons and pearls of wisdom than “career consulting.” Read that again and remember it!

Too many people try to shake off their natural fear and dislike of sales or selling by “learning.” What they are really trying to accomplish by using good sales strategies, or what I like to call “torial” is to repress their natural personality, their natural tendencies to acting out their true personality.

For example, there are people who get very nervous when they are faced with a “salesperson” and simultaneously panic and become so overwhelmed with fear that they try to “sell themselves” into liking you. Instead of trying to self-manage any offense, they just try to get their feelings distilled so they can talk the person into liking them. The truth is, and this is what some of my teachers have said, that you can’t change or control people, but you can control yourself. By learning and developing skills and strategies that result in less uncomfortable selling experiences, you increase your comfort level with selling. When you find yourself developing a un scripted reaction, just take a deep breath and let it pass. You have only one chance at a human brain conversation so the chance that someone will hate you (and not like you) is rare.

I find that for the vast majority of people, if you can find the connection, you can avoid the possible uncomfortable sales interactions. And if you can just understand there is an understanding that people fear being sold to, that’s half the battle!